Name  Company  User Group
 Chip DiFolco  Callico  NEMUG
 Barbara Huggins  Consultant
 Ann Marie Lahti  Staples Inc.  NES
 Fazal Alam  Imperial Distributors Inc.  NES
 Silvana Della Camera  Consulant  NES
 Mary Langen  Midrange Dynamics North America  NHMUG
 Pete Massiello   iTech Solutions Group  FASUG
 Eric Samuelsen  Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom  VTMUG
 Karen Toney  Consultant  NES
 Jim Townsend  Systems Ideas  VTMUG
 Peter Lizio  Electroswitch  NES
 Laurie LeBlanc  iTech Solutions Group  NHMUG
 Tom Bottiggi  Consultant  VTMUG
 Sue Lavoie  The Farmington Company  FASUG
 Raja Raghavan  Medtronic  NES
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