Vendors Session

Create IBM i Web & Mobile Apps with No Programming (unless you want to)

The Valence Framework for IBM i, available for free download, includes a browser-based low-code development utility called Nitro App Builder (NAB), through which anyone with a solid understanding of their IBM i database can create slick-looking apps, such as dashboards or web-based queries, all in a matter of minutes!  Complete with download-to-Excel functionality, this App Builder tool can also help you create file maintenance apps in which users can adjust content in physical files — you control which fields they can see or edit.

All of this can be done with no coding, though advanced developers can extend the app's functionality with RPG or SQL code to handle business logic as needed.  IBM i programmers who really want to get their hands dirty can put other Valence development tools to work to create highly intricate data entry apps, all working hand-in-hand with server-side RPG code. 

The bottom line:  With Valence, developers and "super users" alike can crank out highly functional web and mobile apps on IBM i in no time — no prior experience in web or mobile development required.  Come to this demo session to see how easy it can be to build such an app on your system today!