Monday Seminars

In 2018 NEUGC is excited to offer you a choice of one of two great Monday sessions for only $100.00 when included with your regular conference registration!



DEEP DIVE: Db2 i Temporal Tables

Presenter: Rob Bestgen, IBM Rochester DB2 Center of Competency

4:00 - 8:30 PM

This session will focus on the ideas and concepts behind creating and querying a temporal database. The presentation will take a deep dive into the i7.3 Db2 for i Temporal features, functions and benefits. Also, discussed will be the potential impacts to various HA configurations. 

Part 2 - Deep Dive into DB2 Row and Column Access Control

This session will focus on the ideas and concepts behind data governance and control based on user roles and responsibilities. The presentation will take a deep dive into the (7.2) Db2 for i Row and Column Access Control (RCAC) feature, function and benefits.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a very powerful language for accessing and manipulating data in your DB2 for i databases. In this session, you will learn how to use advanced SQL features to reduce your application development time and boost performance. This session will take your basic knowledge of SQL to a deeper level of sophistication - enabling you to have DB2 for i do more of your work.
This seminar begins by explaining how to fully harness the power of SELECT statements by leveraging constructs such as views, common table expressions, and recursive processing. In addition, you will learn about other advanced query writing techniques.
After this introduction to advanced set processing with SQL, we'll look at how to more efficiently deliver analytics solution with DB2 for i's OLAP support which includes the Rank and Row Number specifications along with the Super Group support.
The seminar will close by showing you how to exploit the integrated XML capabilities that were delivered in the DB2 for i 7.1 release including enhancements that were added after 7.1 was first available.
Tom McKinley is an IBM Lab Services Consultant working on DB2 for IBM i in Rochester MN.
His main focus is complex query performance associated with Business Intelligence running on Very Large Databases. Tom was on the original IBM team which designed and built the SQL Query Engine. He is a frequent speaker at COMMON and IBM conferences.

Rob Bestgen is an IBM DB2 for i architect and consultant. In his 29 year temporary assignment at IBM, Rob has held a variety of roles including: database developer, database architect, Business Architect, and chief architect of the DB2 for i SQL Query Engine (SQE), to name a few. Rob is currently a proud member of the DB2 for i Lab Services team, helping customers utilize the amazing capabilities of DB2 for i, IBM i, and DB2 Web Query for i. Rob is also the product development manager for DB2 Web Query for i, the popular IBM i product for query reporting and analytics. Besides working directly with customers, he is also a frequent presenter at user conferences.

DEEP DIVE: Openi – Exploring Open Source Solutions on IBM i

Presenter: Erwin Early3:30 - 8:30 PM

Open Source solutions continue to be in vogue for businesses large and small and you might be surprised at the wealth of Open Source solutions that are available for you to leverage directly on the IBM I platform.  This workshop will explore a number of popular open source solutions available or IBM I including PHP, SAMBA, node.js, and Ruby.  Along the way we will also show you how you can install/enable tools such as bash, git, zip, perl, and others in the PASE environment.  This workshop will open your eyes to what is possible on your IBM i

Erwin Early is currently a Senior Solutions Consultant at Rogue Wave Software working with the Zend line of products (Zend Server, Zend Studio) primarily with IBM i customers.  Prior to starting with Rogue Wave Erwin was a managing consultant in IBMs Lab-Based Services organization responsible for the implementation of cloud-based solutions leveraging IBM’s PowerVC solution as well as Dev/Ops solutions centered around Chef and Docker.   Also played a key role in the propagation of open source technologies in IBMs Power community.  Erwin was involved in the initial enablement and rollout of Linux on the Power platform as well as PHP support on IBM i.  Erwin has expertise in a variety of technologies including virtualization, storage, networking, and operating systems including AIX, IBM i, and several distributions of Linux including RedHat, SuSE and Ubuntu. Erwin is a frequent speaker at various user groups and technical conferences and has authored numerous articles on Linux, PHP, virtualization, and systems management.