NEUGC 2017 Sessions by Speaker



David Andruchuk, IBM i Consultant

  • The Why and How of the iModernize(d) Application Architecture
  • SQL (Some Quick Lessons) in SQL
  • RPG your JSON/XML
  • GOLF (Get Off Laggard Files) on IBM i

Aaron Bartell, Krengel Technology Inc.

  • Intro to Ruby
  • Intro to Rails
  • The Why and How: Open Source on IBM i
  • IBM i IFS Containers
  • First Step Into Cloud
  • Node.js Transacts with DB2 and RPG
Carrie Beers, Leadership & Business Development Coach

  • What’s Your Communication Style? – Minimize Confusion & Conflict
  • Being a Leader of Character
  • Getting a Seat at the Table
  • Building an Impactful Team Takes Everyone

Rob Bestgen, IBM Rochester DB2 Center of Competency

  • Changing Perspectives - Thinking in Sets with SQL
  • Taking care of data. Securing and tracking critical business data with datacentric security
  • What's New in DB2 for i 
  • Achieving Good Performance with SQL on DB2 i
  • Moving from DDS to SQL
  • Writing SQL Stored Procedures and Functions
  • SQL Writing Tips and Techniques
  • Advanced SQL Topics
Richard Dolewski, Denovo

  • Disasters - Top of Mind Thinking for Your Family
  • Breaking Bad IBM i Habits
  • Building a DR Plan for Today’s Business
  • HA Business Resiliency - Driving the Value
** Breaking Bad DR Habits Richard Dolewski Investigate everyday exposures in disaster recovery today.  Hear actual lessons learned from the computer room, regional disaters, and near misses, so you can avoid making the same disatrous recovery assumptions that others have made.  The mistakes are common and plenty.  Witness the good, the obvious, and the ugly.  This session is a compilation of assumptions, technical gaps, blunders, and good practice recommendations to help you recover successfuly.
** Building a DR Plan for Today’s Business Richard Dolewski Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Are you really prepared? The difference in surviving in business depends on how well you prepare for the unexpected.  If a disaster struck, how would your company do? Using the Business Continuity Model, this session examines various components of the recovery planning as it relates to the availability and recovery of computing services.
** DR Tears for Fears – Noah and the Flood Richard Dolewski This session examines multiple compuetr room and regional disasters.  Come to hear about the actual account of the events, actions, and challenges faced by real companies in real world situations.  Disasters are real and deadly to your business.  Review step-by-step timelines and events surrounding the disasters, the declarations, and the remedies.  Discuss the internal and external influences (esspecially the human elements) that came into play as the scenarios unfolded.  Were they ready? You be the judge.
** IBM i in the Cloud on Your Terms Richard Dolewski Cloud computing is the norm for everything in today's business.  IBMi has been the enableryour business has counted on forever.  Do not compromise with a traditional non-virtualized deployment.  Empower your business, whether big or small, to compete in today's marketplace.  Significantly increase your IT agility, availability, and scale.  Gain insight into aligning your IBM Power strategy with Cloud as the default position for today's customers looking to buildnew applications and services quickly and economically.
Susan Gantner, Partner400 and System i Developer Consortium

ILE Activation Groups and Binder Language
Look What You Can Do with RDi
Debugging with RDi 
Designing DDS Screens & Reports with RDi
  • ILE Activation Groups and Binder Language
  • Look What You Can Do with RDi
  • Debugging with RDi 
  • Designing DDS Screens & Reports with RDi
  • Procedures and Service Programs from A to Z (Monday Deep Dive)
Charlie Guarino, Central Park Data Systems

  • Introduction to Processing XML in RPG and SQL Too!
  • Application Developer Modernization Jumpstart
  • The ABC's of RDi Shortcuts
  • The Less Frequent RDi FAQ's - More stuff to know!
  • Water Cooler Topics – I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours
Ted Holt, Profound Logic

  • Easily Modify Report Programs (Because You Have Better Things to Do)
  • The SQL Procedures Language in a Nutshell
  • Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes
  • Avoid the Green Screen of Death
Pete Massiello, iTech Solutions Group

  • What You Need to Know When Upgrading IBM i to 7.3
  • Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space
  • HMC, IBM i, FSP, and Firmware
  • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rock Star Administrator
Jon Paris, Partner400 and System i Developer Consortium

  • What's New in RPG
  • Using Free Tools by Example
  • Processing XML with RPG 
  • RPG Open Access – By Example
  • Advanced Data Structures (*Now with Free-Form!)
  • Procedures and Service Programs from A to Z (Monday Deep Dive)
Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies

  • What's New with Zend Server for IBM i (Beginner)
  • PHP 101 for IBM i (Beginner)
  • PHP Standard Error Processing (Beginner)
  • Exploring DB2 Data Access in PHP (Beginner)
  • PHP and RPG Integration Examples
  • 30 PHP Tips on IBM i in 60 Minutes (All Levels)
Tim Rowe, IBM

  • Why Move to IBM i 7.3
  • Mobile and Accessing your IBM i 
  • The Art of the Possible - IBM i in the Modern World
  • No i Access for Windows 10? No worries - Access Client Solutions is ready to meet the challenge
Robin Tatam, HelpSystems

  • Configuring and Using IBM i Auditing Features 
  • 7 Habits of Highly Secure Organizations 
  • IFS Security: Don't Leave Your Server Vulnerable 
  • Data Beaches: Is IBM i Really at Risk?
John Valance, JValance Consulting

  • My Favorite Zend Studio Tips & Techniques
  • SQL Stored Procedures and Application Modernization
  • Web Mastery with JavaScript
  • Easy Web Reports and Documents with JODReports