Conference Tracks and Sessions

70+ Sessions in Seven Skills Categories


Because NEUGC offers so many sessions and labs, it’s easy to get lost in our schedule. To help you get the most out of your days, we’ve indicated seven skills categories to keep you on track. Of course, you are welcome to choose sessions from any track at any time based on your interests. 

Application Development   View Sessions 

If you write new software or maintain existing RPG applications, you’ll learn about the latest techniques for RPG IV and ILE. Plus, no matter what language you use, you will want experience with the Rational Development Tools that will make you more productive. 

  • RPG! It’s Alive with New Treasures! 
  • RDi and Git, The Basics
  • Configuring RDi for RPG Development 
  • The “Best Stuff” of Advanced RDi topics 
  • Debugging with RDi From the On Ramp to the Cruising Lane 
  • IBM i SQL Stored Procedures and Application Modernization 
  • Introduction to Python on IBM i (Beginner) 
  • RPG Talks to Watson 
  • Programming RPG with Style 
  • Modernization - What, Why, Where, When & How 
  • Mobilize Your i 
  • How Does RPG Talk to a Browser 
  • Handling the Weird Stuff in RPG Programs 
  • Accessing External Databases from RPG 
  • Working with JSON in RPG 
  • The World of Node.js on IBM i 
  • Mobile RPG with PhoneGap 
  • Consuming Web Services from RPG with HTTPAPI 
  • Updating our IBM i Modernization Mindset 
  • Fun!(damental) and Fun!(ctional) Table-driven Programming 
  • Refactoring RPG: What, Why and How 
  • Easily Modify Report Programs (Because You Have Better Things to Do) 
  • Programming with Assertions

SQL and Database   View Sessions 

Learn the latest techniques for using SQL (Structured Query Language), the modern way to manage your data. 

  • Creating JSON Data with SQL (SQL and JSON – Part 1) 
  • Consuming JSON Data with SQL (SQL and JSON – Part 2) 
  • Embedded SQL - An Introduction
  • Tips and Tricks for Advanced Embedded SQL
  • Let’s join together – Joining SQL Tables and Views
  • OLAP Functions – Much More Than Running Numbers
  • The SQL Procedures Language in a Nutshell
  • SQL Easy as MAGIC!
  • SQL in CL? Why not?!
  • Getting Started with Db2 SQL Stored Procedures

Systems Administration and Performance    View Sessions

This track includes sessions on upgrade planning, performance tuning, high availability, Logical Partition (LPAR) considerations and sessions on the Hardware Management Console (HMC), Navigator for i, and other systems management tools provided with the IBM i operating system.

  • Hidden gems of IBM i
  • An admin's View of ACS
  • RDi Advanced Tips & Techniques
  • Managing open source on IBM i
  • Test Driven Development - Best Practices Applied to IBM i with Assistance of Tooling
  • Predictive Performance Management
  • IBM i Performance Tools for the Application Developer
  • IBM i Services for the System Administrator
  • The Art of Performance Diagnostics with the IBM i Performance Data Investigator
  • What You Need to Know When Upgrading IBM i to 7.3
  • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Star Administrator
  • Moving from Classic HMC GUI to Enhanced HMC GUI 
  • Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space
  • Rapid Fire Admin
  • Mission: Possible! Journaling Forensics 101 (with Free Tools)
* GOLF (Get Off Laggard Files) on IBM i
* What you need to know when upgrading IBM i to 7.3
* Tips and Tricks to improve system performance and save disk space
* HMC, IBM i, FSP, and Firmware
* Cool things in Navigator to be a Rock Star Superstar
* Avoid the Green Screen of Death
* Water Cooler Topics – I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours

Security   View Sessions

From the beginning, security was designed as an integral part of the IBM i operating system. These sessions will help you take the best advantage of the platform’s inherent security features.

  • Anatomy of a Bad Password
  • Anatomy of a Security Failure
  • IBM i and our False Sense of Security

  • PHP Tricks for RPG’ers: Graphics, Excel, PDFs, E-Mail and More 
  • PHP and Db2 Essentials 
  • PHP – Beyond the Basics 
  • OO and Ahh! The Power of Object Oriented PHP 
  • Zend Studio Tips and Techniques 
  • PHP Arrays for the RPG Programmer – (Intermediate) 
  • 30 PHP tips on IBM i in 60 Minutes (All levels) 
  • Exploring Db2 Data Access in PHP (Beginner) 
  • PHP and RPG Integration Examples (All levels)
* IBM i Trends & Directions 
* IBM i 7.3 Overview
* Bringing Sexy to IBM i
* Mobile and Accessing your IBM i 
* No i Access for Windows 10?   No worries - Access Client Solutions is ready to meet the challenge 
* IBM i Trends & Directions 
* IBM i 7.3 Overview
* Bringing Sexy to IBM i
* Mobile and Accessing your IBM i 
* No i Access for Windows 10?   No worries - Access Client Solutions is ready to meet the challenge 

Open Source View Sessions  

  • Using Db2 and SQL with Open Source Languages on IBM i 
  • Open Source Programming Languages on IBM i 
  • Openi – Exploring Open Source Solutions on IBM i 
  • Introducing Node.js on IBM i 
  • Turn On the LAMP – please! 
  • Oh C.R.U.D. (Create, Read, Update, Delete)

Professional Development  View Sessions

  • Everything they never taught you!
  • Give me an hour, and I'll give you a week!