Sessions - Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

2017 sessions will include:

  • Disasters - Top of Mind thinking for your Family
  • Breaking Bad DR Habits
  • Building a DR Plan for Today’s Business
  • HA Business Resiliency - Driving the Value

    Disasters - Top of Mind thinking for your Family (Richard Dolewski)

    Your business is prepared for a Disaster but is your family equally ready?
    Devastating regional events highlight the need for all us to be better prepared. Learn about the steps you can take to make you better prepared for disasters, big and small This session examines actual regional disasters and a time-tested approach to keeping families safe. Emphasis on Home Emergency preparedness, tips, fun in planning and how to be a H.E.R.O (Home Emergency Response Organizer).

    Breaking Bad DR Habits (Richard Dolewski)

    Investigate everyday exposures in disaster recovery today. Hear actual lessons learned from the computer room, regional disasters, and near misses, so you can avoid making the same disastrous recovery assumptions that others have made. The mistakes are common and plenty. Witness the good, the obvious, and the ugly. 

    This session is a compilation of assumptions, technical gaps, blunders, and good practice recommendations to help you recover successfully.

    Building a DR Plan for Today’s Business (Richard Dolewski)

    Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Are you really prepared? The difference in surviving in business depends on how well you prepare for the unexpected. If a disaster struck, how would your company do? Using the Business Continuity Model, this session examines various components of the recovery planning as it relates to the availability and recovery of computing services.

    HA Business Resiliency - Driving the Value (Richard Dolewski)

    Companies can dramatically transform their data protection techniques and enhance availability requirements to address today’s business challenges as they relate to resiliency and continuity of business operations. Examine best practices specific to traditional backup and recovery, critical points of failure in a disaster, replication strategies, and delivering a ROI from HA/DR architecture.