Sessions - Mobile / Web Enablement

2018 Sessions will include:
  • Browser Tools to Make Web Development Easier
  • i Can Serve You – Providing Web Services From Your IBM i
  • Latest Trends in Web and Mobile development

    Browser Tools to Make Web Development Easier  (Alan Seiden)

    No matter what type of server-side web technology you use, your content usually ends up displayed in a web browser. Free browser-based add-ons can help you in many ways: to recommend how to make your site load more quickly, clarify page layout problems, capture web redirects that you normally cannot see, step through javascript, choose a color scheme, and much more. We will examine live sites with these browser tools. Learn how to become a better web developer with free downloadable browser tools.  A live demo, accessing the internet, makes this presentation come alive.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Understand what sorts of development issues can be resolved with free browser tools
    2. Come away with a list of add-ons to install immediately (that the attendee realizes he or she has needed all along, but didn't know existed).

    i Can Serve You – Providing Web Services From Your IBM i  (Charlie Guarino)

    Now that you’ve been consuming web services, get ready to turn the tables and become the web service provider. Using IBM’s Integrated Web Services server for ILE you too can launch programs to access your database and provide your system’s information to external users such as web developers. We will go step by step through the process of creating a program to receive a parameter and return database values. Next we will implement this program on to the built-in web services server and demonstrate how to test and deploy it using IBM’s graphical Web Administration tool. Since the tool is wizard-driven deploying web provider side web services has never been easier!

    Latest Trends in Web and Mobile Development  (David Brault)

    It’s hard to keep up to date with the latest industry trends for developing Web and Mobile applications. Attend this session for a high-level understanding of Responsive Design, Mobile-First Design, Google’s Material Design, Native-vs-Web-vs-Hybrid mobile apps, Single Page Applications (SPA) vs. Multiple Page Applications (MPA), Low-Code Development, SEO, and more.  Also see how your IBM i peers are leveraging these technologies with great success and ROI.