Sessions - Mobile / Web Enablement

2017 Sessions will include:
  • Real-world IBM i Companies Using Mobile to Improve Business
  • Designing Responsive IBM i Web and Mobile Applications

  • Trends / Approaches / Solutions Regarding Modernization

  • Web Mastery with Java Script

  • Easy Web Reports and Documents with JODReports

  • Mobile and Accessing your IBM i

Real-world IBM i Companies Using Mobile to Improve Business (David Brault - LANSA)

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Designing Responsive IBM i Web and Mobile Applications (Greg Patterson - Fresche-Legacy)

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Trends / Approaches / Solutions regarding Modernization (Robert Young - Rocket Software)

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Web Mastery with JavaScript (John Valance)

While PHP and server-side languages are essential to web programming, these days JavaScript is an equally essential skill for any professional web programmer. Users have come to expect highly sophisticated web applications, far beyond what HTML and PHP can deliver. In order to develop these modern web and mobile applications, one must have a fair mastery of JavaScript. So what is it? Not to be confused with Java, which typically runs on the server, JavaScript typically runs in the browser and allows you to create scripts that can control the browser experience after a web page has been downloaded from the server. This off-loads processing from the server and allows web applications to utilize some of the features associated with PC applications, such as a rich user interface and sub-second response times.

This session will introduce you to the concepts, capabilities and syntax of JavaScript, and help you understand how you might use JavaScript in your web applications. You will learn about using JavaScript to validate input forms and react to browser events such as page load, button clicks, mouse movement and keystrokes. You will also see how JavaScript can be used to change the content and appearance of web pages without reloading the entire page. It will also introduce some of the more advanced concepts of object oriented JavaScript and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), and JavaScript frameworks, such as jQuery, which greatly simplify JavaScript programming tasks.

Easy Web Reports and Documents with JODReports (John Valance)

Would you like to be able to provide your users or customers with PDF reports and documents via a web interface? Looking for a low cost or no cost solution, involving minimal programming? JODReports is an open source solution that allows you to define report templates in a word processor supporting the Open Document Text (ODT) standard. You can easily design a document using Open Office Writer, and specify variable fields that can receive data from your IBM i applications. Single page documents such as invoices, order confirmations, statements, work orders, etc., as well as database reports are easily merged with data supplied as XML, and the resulting document can be retrieved as PDF, which can be delivered immediately to a web user to be viewed, printed, saved, or sent as an email attachment. You can also add simple scripting within your document to conditionally display parts of a document based on a test expression, repeat a document portion (e.g. a table row), and more. Setup is simple, and requires a windows server to run OpenOffice as a service, plus a Tomcat web server to run the JODReports jar file, both of which are free and easy to install. Come to this presentation and learn how to generate PDF reports and documents dynamically, with no licensing costs! In this session we will use a PHP script to call JODReports, but any language that can generate XML and can process an HTTP request/response can make use of this free tool.

Mobile and Accessing your IBM i (Tim Rowe)

Managing your IBM i systems as well as providing user access from any mobile device (cell phones and tablets) is becoming more and more of a requirement for many businesses. In response to this, IBM i Mobile Access Solution was born. This solution has been available since May 20, 2015. 

During this session we will present an overview of the solution, highlighting some of the latest enhancements made. Then we will move into a live demo of the product, where participants will be able to follow along on their own mobile device. You will have opportunities to interact with the solution, becoming more familiar with the 5250 interface, running SQL Queries, interacting with Printed Output, the IFS and more. Bring your mobile device and learn how to access your IBM class! Play time is here!