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Sessions - Modernization

2018 sessions will include:

  • Application Developer Modernization Jumpstart

  • The IBM i Renaissance: Revitalize, Re-Energize

  • Top 5 Things that IBM i Developers Need to Start Doing TODAY!

  • Creating a Database Abstraction Layer

  • Preparing Your Data for Watson

    Application Developer Modernization Jumpstart  (Charlie Guarino)

    Modernize, modernize, it’s a word you hear more and more about. With the colossal shifting demands on today’s application developers, how do you keep up? And what exactly is a modern application developer anyway?  For starters, it’s someone who can speak to today’s technologies. And not necessarily with expertise in every area, but certainly at least know what exists.  Join us for a rapid fire discussion on the many tools and technologies that every developer should know about. It’s all about 21st century career survival.

    The IBM i Renaissance: Revitalize, Re-Energize  (Rob Bestgen)

    Everyone is talking about modernization - but what are you doing to keep your IBM i environment strong, healthy, and RELEVANT for many years to come? If you start with the database you set a foundation for both application and analytics/reporting modernization. Converting objects from DDS to SQL is just one small part of the renaissance, and even that can be done in a manner that isn't rip and replace but part of an on-going journey into the new world. Come learn about the process of creative reconstruction of your environment and practical advice for getting started.

    Creating a Database Abstraction Layer   (Ray Everhart)

    By providing a layer of separation between your applications and your database, you have much more agility to respond to changing business requirements and you can reduce your maintenance burden at the same time. This case study will review three approaches that can used to provide database abstraction and the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.  
    Learning Objectives:       
    1. Evaluate three different approaches to database abstraction and their benefits.
    2. Walk step by step through the implementation of a Logical File database abstraction layer.
    3. Review the reference architecture for a database I/O service program.
    4. Best Practice design recommendations for new tables.

    Preparing your Data for Watson (Ray Everhart)

    The power of Watson Analytics is now readily available, but is your data ready for Watson? This session covers what you need to do in order to derive the maximum value from your data using Watson Analytics.      
    Learning Objectives: 
    1. How to make data more "discoverable".
    2. Strategies for database modernization to support Watson Analytics.
    3. Tools available to rapidly improve your database

    Top 5 Things That IBM i Developers Need to Start Doing TODAY! (Stephen Flaherty)


    Reduce the time spent managing applications, remove the risks in making code changes and modernize where it makes sense!


    In this session, Stephen Flaherty will go over a few ways that IBM i developers can make 

    their jobs easier, by simply adopting the top 5 best practices and using some proper tooling.



    • What your IBM i can REALLY do
    • Exactly what “modernization” means
    • Best approaches for making code changes and managing applications
    • Ways to make it easy for IT to understand application design and flow


    You’ll also see how X-Analysis automatically documents your IBM i environment.