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Syncsort is the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software. We organize data everywhere, to keep the world working – the same data that powers machine learning, AI and predictive analytics. We use our decades of experience so that more than 7,000 customers, including 84 of the Fortune 100, can quickly extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere. Our products provide a simple way to optimize, assure, integrate, and advance data, helping to solve for the present and prepare for the future. Learn more at

LANSA has helped over 8000 businesses simplify application development for 30 years. Our low-code platform empowers developers to quickly build new or modernize existing applications with modern web, mobile and desktop interfaces. IT can deliver results quicker than ever, with faster maintenance and less technical debt, by leveraging LANSA’s powerful development environment and business rules engine. If you’re open to considering a platform which eliminates coding and supporting several languages to modernize your application stack, then stop by our booth to see how LANSA can help.

ETI-SPHiNX is a worldwide leader in virtual tape management and is transforming the IBM Power Systems industry by creating data backup and disaster recovery solutions with a secure multi-layer architecture spinning up on different environments. For over 30 years, ETI-SPHiNX has provided the most reliable and trustworthy data management services to major data centers, banks, oil, and insurance companies all around the world, enjoying a high reputation for delivering top-notch services and solutions.

With a highly experienced team that works to develop and deploy the most operational and cost-effective data backup services, ETI-SPHiNX offers a complete portfolio of solutions, such as remote data replication, encryption, virtual vaulting, converged data deduplication, and data protection, attuned to any needs and/or compliance configurations.

Midrange Dynamics Change Management (MDCMS) handles IBM i/cross-platform development, new technologies, and initiatives such as DevOps with ease. Manage projects/tickets from request through deployment. MDCMS is compatible with RDi. Git and SVN users benefit from interfaces to their source repositories and comprehensive deployment with rollback. Users appreciate our rich REST API functionality, interfaces with modernization tools, and sophisticated deployment strategies.  With MDWorkflow, track projects/requests, integrate with Jira and more. MDTransform maps and manages database file changes. Move new versions of files into production in seconds with MDRapid. MDCMS meets the strictest audit requirements.

iTech Solutions, an IBM Premier Business Partner, helps you get the most performance and utilization out of your IBM POWER Systems running IBM i. Our services include technical support, remote systems management, PTF maintenance, new hardware, remote backups, OS upgrades, HA solutions, DR hosting and testing, system monitoring, security monitoring, performance analysis, LPAR and HMC configuration. Our “i In The Cloud” offering enables customers to get scalable, flexible, secure and highly available Power Systems hosting of IBM i, AIX, Linux and Windows. Contact our certified sales and technical staff to learn how we can make your life easier.

Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) provides Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solutions to companies ranging from small to enterprise environments. For over 45 years, more than 2,000 customers have trusted us to securely store and backup mission-critical data. We work closely with our customers to understand their backup requirements and anticipate their future demands. We are excited to announce that IBM has selected the DSI VTL solutions for the replacement of ProtecTIER. DSI VTL solutions have been qualified by IBM Lab Services and are the only supported solution for IBM i environments.

As leading experts in IBM i, Fresche provides products, services and solutions that span the complete application modernization, management and transformation spectrum.


With the largest solution portfolio in the IBM i marketplace, our team of experts help organizations add value to their business by modernizing business processes, technologies, applications and skills. Fresche offers solutions in:


• IT Strategy & Planning • GUI, Web & Mobile

• Staff Augmentation & Application Services • Analysis & Productivity

• Reporting & Document Distribution • Code & Database Modernization


Our flagship products include: Business i | Formtastic | Newlook | Presto | WebSmart | X-Analysis

COMMON is the world’s largest professional association of IBM technology users.


The goal of COMMON is to enhance the careers of its members. This is accomplished by providing in-person and online educational programs, offering professional certification and facilitating networking opportunities. Through participation, members keep their skills up to date and stand out from other IT professionals. Additionally, COMMON creates a link between users, IBM and third-party vendors.


Join the COMMON community now and be a part of this strong association of users. Stop by our booth at NEUGC and learn more about enhancing your career.

Ever since IBM began supporting tape drives with the AS/400 and OS/400 operating system, Initial Program Load (IPL) has played a very vital role in restoring data.
Since the early 1990s, Cybernetics has been manufacturing virtual tape libraries (VTL) that connect directly to IBM midrange servers and emulate tape drives.
By appearing as IBM tape drives and libraries, all native tape backup/restore commands that work with OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i work with our virtual tape library.
This includes IPL and Option 21 full system saves.  Virtual tape libraries can be connected to AS/400s, iSeries, Power Systems and Pure Systems via legacy SCSI, Fibre-Channel and SAS. 

ARCAD Software: Helping you meet your digital transformation goals

Celebrating 26 years serving the IBM i community, ARCAD Software is the only vendor to combine Modernization and DevOps in a wholly integrated, in-house developed product range, distributed by IBM worldwide.  Customers across 75 countries rely on ARCAD solutions to help deliver changes faster, with less cost and risk. 

With ARCAD, transform your RPG/DB2 or CA 2E Synon applications to modern Free Form RPG and SQL, either DIY or "as a service".  Automate application analysis, build, test, and deploy. Protect data privacy with anonymization on-the-fly.  Achieve a common CI/CD pipeline across all your platforms (IBM i, Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS) using enterprise tools like Git, Jenkins, and JIRA. Secure application reliability with synchronized deployment of all your code AND data, on-premise or cloud.

CNX helps businesses transform how work gets done on IBM i.  Designed explicitly for RPG programmers and IBM i “Super Users” alike, CNX's Valence Framework includes a full suite of development and runtime tools for creating and deploying truly modern applications to the device of your choice — desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Valence includes a portal for logging in to your IBM i and a powerful low-code development tool for rapidly building queries, dashboards and file maintenance apps. Visit our booth for a quick demo, then download the free trial and try it out on your system today.

FormSprint and FormsTrack by Integrated Custom Software


Print it.  Archive it.  PDF it.  Email it.  FormSprint by ICS is a dynamic form integration tool which enables the complete control of your business application.  FormSprint, for your IBM I, offers tremendous flexibility when printing any document in any format with dynamic form changes and more.  Are you still using InfoPrint and remaining unsupported? It's time for a change.

Mobile Apps for Signature Capture, Proof of delivery, Real Time Tracking, Improved Fulfillment and electronic signature movement.  Our iOS App is now available in our suite of solutions for your document management requirements.

Rogue Wave Software transforms enterprise software development so teams can build better applications, much faster than ever before. Using Zend Server on IBM i, you’ll be able to enhance performance, increase productivity, and be confident that your apps are secure. Zend Server can also advance your modernization strategy, taking you from green screen to fully-functional web applications in days. OpenLogic provides everything you need to build and manage your open source solutions. Be sure to drop by and speak with our experts about using PHP and open source on IBM i.

Rocket software runs the world's IBMi critical infrastructure, business processes, and data. We speed the pace of digital transformation, making it easier for companies to run in the cloud and mobile computing, advanced analytics, and other innovations. Your business depends on proven applications, data, security, and infrastructure running on IBM i. Done properly, you can modernize to into the web, mobile, and more. Rocket can help you build and deploy the new technologies you need to respond to your evolving business processes, making it easier to minimize risk, improve customer satisfaction, and drive new efficiencies.