Vendors Sessions

IBM I Security Best Practices

Does your IBM i security meet the bar for GDPR?


Hosted by: Gavriel Meir-Levy

IBM i Modernization and New Web Development

Two topics in one session! First, learn how LANSA will modernize your existing 5250 applications and deliver a more productive, modern Web User Interface to your users. Then, discover how easily you can build new IBM i Responsive Web applications that run on all browsers and devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

Hosted by: Grant Cooper

Be an API Super Hero

Attend this fast-moving session to learn about innovative tools to quickly generate REST APIs and enable data and logic to flow between environments. You’ll discover how you can respond to business requirements and modernize your applications faster than you ever thought possible, keeping IBM i front and center in your organization:

  • Create a better user experience with mobile apps
  • Connect applications and data across any cloud or hybrid IT environment
  • Automate the change process so that you can continually meet rapidly evolving business requirements

Non-disruptive digital transformation and continuous modernization are attainable in the real world. Join us and be inspired.

Hosted by: Donna Westmoreland & Rich Ollari

Understanding your Applications 

Reduce the time spent managing applications, remove the risks in making code changes and modernize where it makes sense.
In this session, Stephen Smith will go over a few ways that IBM i developers can make their jobs easier, by understanding their applications and using some proper tooling.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Know where you are going
  2. Know what you have
  3. Understanding what you have – source, objects etc.
  4. Benefits of using X-Analysis
  5. Key Features of X-Analysis
  6. Live Demo of X-Analysis

End to End DevOps and Modernization on IBM i

DevOps is all about improving the way organizations work in order to deliver better software value faster. It starts with three things, people, processes and tools. In this session, you’ll learn how you or your IT leaders can lead transformation change within their own organizations. Where to begin a modernization or refactoring practice, built around best practices and proven solutions.  In addition, attract, develop, retain and close the talent gap needed for Modernization success with the experts, Arcad Software

Create IBM i Web & Mobile Apps with No Programming (unless you want to)

The Valence Framework for IBM i, available for free download, includes a browser-based low-code development utility called Nitro App Builder (NAB), through which anyone with a solid understanding of their IBM i database can create slick-looking apps, such as dashboards or web-based queries, all in a matter of minutes!  Complete with download-to-Excel functionality, this App Builder tool can also help you create file maintenance apps in which users can adjust content in physical files — you control which fields they can see or edit.

All of this can be done with no coding, though advanced developers can extend the app's functionality with RPG or SQL code to handle business logic as needed.  IBM i programmers who really want to get their hands dirty can put other Valence development tools to work to create highly intricate data entry apps, all working hand-in-hand with server-side RPG code. 

The bottom line:  With Valence, developers and "super users" alike can crank out highly functional web and mobile apps on IBM i in no time — no prior experience in web or mobile development required.  Come to this demo session to see how easy it can be to build such an app on your system today!